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Thinwhite are Gloucestershire based, Tim Hack and Phil Daniels, who provide original and innovative creative solutions to help you and your business succeed. We believe that underwhelming and lackluster design undermines a company’s image and brand and this has a direct effect on the bottom line. We are sure that we can make you look your best and be most effective with all your design, branding and marketing needs.

Good design is crucial in every communication with your customers, and there is no excuse to cut corners. It may not seem relevant to you or your company to talk about branding and markets, but today’s consumers operate in an image-savvy world, and tailoring yours to sell better is just common sense. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so consistency in the image you portray is absolutely vital.

Tim Hack handles all your design and branding needs, whether that be corporate identity, developing your brand, producing catalogues or brochures, adverts or livery. With over 30 years experience, he will help you with your creative and marketing requirements. If it needs to look good and work well, then it’s Tim you want to speak with.

Phil Daniels has been building websites for 22 years starting out hand coding html to overseeing the development of complex bespoke content management systems. These days most of the work now revolves around WordPress builds, as it’s a cost effective platform and it has a back end that’s easy for clients to use for updates. That makes it a great fit for a lot of customers. So if it’s web you want, speak to Phil.

Our experience comes from many years spent in creative environments, and dealing with all manner of companies, from small retail operations to global corporations. Whether talking to owner-operators, or a board of directors, we are as direct and honest with both. We rely on our experience to judge what is best for the client and will only recommend what we think they require – a complete contrast to many design agencies that are more focused on covering large overheads and inflated staff levels, so have to charge accordingly. We estimate everything upfront and work out the best options for the client across all media.

We enjoy close long-standing relationships with our suppliers – including printers, photographers, coders and copywriters. This means that we get the best possible deal for our clients. The trust we have built up with our partners allows us to rely on them to achieve the same results for our clients that we insist on for ourselves. We believe in transparency at all times, so if we are using a third party to complete your project, we will let you know – no one ‘pretends’ to be part of our team for the sake of appearances.

From small acorns and all that, remember that no matter what your size – we’re worth contacting. If you’ve got something that’s special to you and we like the cut of your jib, and you appreciate ours – we can work together.

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